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Scarlet Night (Scarlet Night, #1)

Scarlet Night (Scarlet Night, #1) - Megan J. Parker,  Nathan Squiers Serena is a vampire living life in self exile, alone except for her dead fiancé’s ghost, Devon. She cannot let go insisting on looking for a body for him to occupy. Things change however when a fellow vampire, Zane pays a visit. He wants her to return to her clan, to help him.

Their first encounter doesn’t run smooth but she still agrees to leave with him. Something about him fascinates her and her him. Serena soon learns that he isn’t a mere vampire, there is a monster living inside him and it wants to come out and play. But that’s not their only problem, there is another force, a rival that wants to destroy the entire clan. Are Serena and Zane up for the battle?

There is a real mixture of supernatural in here, vampire, ghosts, monsters and a new species, therions. Vampires fight in a new and unusual way in this book, which I like as an extension of their powers. The pace is fast, never quite letting up and the language is strong, I felt I was in the middle of a biker gang once or twice. Obviously it is only a personal opinion, but the bad language is constant and stopped the flow for me once or twice. I liked the inner turmoil from Zane and how Serena could calm his rage.

There was the odd editing mistake, I remember seeing ‘sis’ instead of ‘his’ but nothing major. It is an intriguing story with a twist and boy what a cliffhanger. If you like an easy vampire/monster read with plenty of action, this could be for you.