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Dead Plains (The Zombie West Series, #3)

Dead Plains (The Zombie West Series, #3) - Angela  Scott Red and Trace are back on the road with their extended family trying to keep one step ahead of the zombie hoard. This time Red is heavily pregnant and they are searching for a place to call home. But there is nowhere safe, nothing is permanent and death is everywhere.

I have followed Red through her journeys, from the first time she met Trace, their growing relationship and dysfunctional family that they seem to collect everywhere they go. As with the other books, Angela Scott paints a very vivid picture. The constant presence of zombies, forever in the background and of course occasionally right in the middle of the fray. The tension builds up nicely though I was more than half way through when they were thrown into some real action. At times the pace was a little slow but, wow can the author bring you to your knees.

She isn’t afraid to hurt the characters, pulling at the heart strings. I don’t want to give things away but what he wanted to do to Jack or was it Ace when he first saw him and let’s not get started on Davis. The last quarter never stopped, it kept you wanted to read on, needing to know what was going to happen. Her writing as always is good, and I can’t fault the editing. I really did enjoy this series, if a little slow in places, but maybe I like a good beheading more than most.