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Wicked Souls

Wicked Souls - Sabrina Samples Spencer Bishop is a woman with a wonderful husband, a great life and everything is going right. That is until the day she sees a figure in white in her windscreen and swerves to miss it. Life changes as she finds her whole life is a complete lie.

Dealing with the loss of her husband in the car crash where she saw the figure, the action quickly speeds up. There is a new someone in her life, someone who appears to her like a ghost only she soon realises that he is an angel and she knows him from her past. A past that she cannot remember, memories that have been hidden from her.

The writing moves us quickly from one scene to another, one minute Spencer is grieving for her husband, the next she becomes involved with the angel Aiden. She is soon caught up in a fight against good and evil, being the one that could change Heaven and Hell forever. I feel it could have been a little longer, with the scenes giving us a little more insight into how she feels with everything that is happening to her, maybe a little more description about the people and surroundings. I like the use of angels, fallen angels and demons and the love between humans and otherworldly creatures. The plot is strong; the editing great and for a debut novel it is a good start to a series. It will be interesting to see which way Spencer will lean in the battle ahead.