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Life in the Funny Lane: My eccentric upbringing: where the bizarre seemed normal and the normal... well... boring, isn't it?

Life in the Funny Lane: My Eccentric Upbringing: Where the Bizarre Seemed Normal and the Normal... Well... Boring, Isn't It? - Paul  Dunne This book is a collection of stories from a boy growing up in Dublin in the 1950’s. It shows the wonderful relationships between children and parents of a lost era. There are insights of what life was like growing up in Ireland and I love the relationship he has with his father. I am not really one for these types of books and at times I felt I was simply being told a list of what had happened, but when he opened up about more personal matters I really became involved. Regardless of the content, the author always managed to keep the humour, which really worked.

If memories are your thing, it really is worth a read.