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Supernatural Seduction (Coffin Girls, #2)

Supernatural Seduction (Coffin Girls, #2) - Aneesa Price,  Mary-Nancy's Eagle Eye Editing With the group of witch-vampires, known as Coffin Girls, now established, they are doing all they can to rescue kidnapped witches who are being tortured and killed by an old adversary. Sophie forms part of the Coffin Girls and from her witch half, is a powerful empath who can read and even influence others with her ability. As her powers grow, she suffers from horrendous nightmares and the only way to tackle them is by accepting the help of a fae prince called Sylvain. As friends they work well together, but as she seeks his help, their feelings for each other collide leaving them unsure of where this will take them.

Although we follow the Coffin Girls, the main focus of this book is around the growing relationship between Sophie and Sylvain. The story between the two of them is strong and the characters are well developed. As an adult book, which I have to say is not one of my favourites as on the whole the bedroom scenes are crude and uncaring, here however I found them written well. They were well thought out and dealt with the emotions rather than just the act.

The only thing that slowed the pace of this good story for me, was it spent so much time on the budding relationship between the two characters that the fight against the evil kidnappers seemed like a subplot and a little rushed. Maybe I just like action rather than romance.