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James Saves the Moon - Wendy Nystrom A young American boy has recently moved to Iceland, to a new life, a new culture. While watching the moon from his window one night, he can’t believe how big it seems and thinks it would be a great idea to go out and touch it. And so the adventure begins, he leaves his home and decides that the best place to touch the moon would be at the top of the mountain. Along the way he disturbs the home of a little man from Icelandic folk lore. Together they travel up the mountain, with the help of a dragon and find that the moon is actually stuck on the mountain. They have to work together, with the use of a little magic to save it.

I am not too sure the age group that the book is targeted for and of course being all grown up it is hard to place but the language is aimed at the over 5’s though the story itself is simplistic, as it should be for the younger audience. The illustrations also paint a wonderful picture; I especially like the colour of the dragon, to match its cold surroundings. I believe this is a great story to introduce the younger readers to the fantasy genre. Who can resist magic and dragons with the back drop of Iceland showing us its fjord and volcanic landscape?