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Daughter of the Red Dawn (The Lost Kingdom of Fallada, #1)

Daughter of the Red Dawn (The Lost Kingdom of Fallada, #1) - Alicia Michaels Selena is a teenager living in small town America and can’t wait to leave. She has never fitted in, never belonged and only hopes that once she finishes school she will find her place. When a stranger walks into her life she learns exactly how different she is. Thrown into another world to find she is a lost Princess who is now needed to thwart an evil queen, who banished her in the first place. She has been planning to take over the magical world and only Selena, along with six other banished Princesses can stop her. Selena has to deal with magical creatures, a family who she has never known and her soul mate, who happens to be a werewolf.

Alicia’s writing style really lets the story flow to great effect, her description when Selena crosses into Fallada are wonderful, I really felt as though I could see it all. I also love the twist of the way Selena and Titus talk to one another it works well. It is an enchanting fairy tale that everyone will love.