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The Bones of Others (Skye Cree #1)

The Bones of Others (Skye Cree #1) - Vickie McKeehan
Story: At the age of twelve Skye Cree was kidnapped by a paedophile. But Skye managed to get away. Now as an adult, a survivor, she’s on the prowl for monsters like the one who took her that day from the park, putting an end to her childhood.

Josh Ander is the geeky, wealthy owner of a gaming company. The night he crosses paths with Skye Cree, changes his life forever, putting him on a different path entirely than the one he’d planned.

Once Josh and Skye join forces, they’ll venture into the dark side of Seattle where human trafficking thrives and kids are bought and sold every day. With girls disappearing off the streets in alarming numbers, with young lives hanging in the balance, they’ll do whatever it takes to hunt down the ones preying on kids. But not all can be saved. It will take a wolf’s instincts to find the monsters burying—the bones of others.
As soon as you start reading this book you are drawn into a deadly game and at first, through the eyes of the predator. The idea of a young girl going through a horrendous ordeal and then making it her lives mission to track down these monsters is a great one. You see her how she lives, how she keeps everyone at a distance, afraid to let anyone close. Once Josh becomes part of life she finally opens up and in doing so they both grow and help one another. Within the thriller Vickie McKeehan also brings in the Native American mythology which works well initially, as her wolf instincts help her track down the girls but I found it grew out of control, I understand why Josh had to change and help Skye in more than just searching the internet but for me it went a little too far.
The characters are written with great care and are very believable and the whole book moves at a really nice pace that keeps you captivated but not too fast that you lose track of the individuals and their needs. This is a great book and well worth the read.
I was given a copy of this book for an honest review.