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Snow Bound (More than Magic, #2)

Snow Bound (More than Magic, #2) - Elizabeth Kirke We join Jen, Thomas and others on another vacation, this time they have met on a snow capped mountain and can’t wait to start skiing and relax in a magic filled environment. Jen has been unable to speak about her new found power to her friends and family as exposure to humans is a huge no, no. She is hoping to be her true self though nervous about what Thomas will do and say. Unsure of where they left their relationship after the summer semester, if one even existed. The holidays start off well, as Jen immerses herself in the magical world with her great friends. Of course it doesn’t stay that way for long and the peace is quickly shattered. There is a human stranger hanging around the cabin and Jen’s human friend, Shannon turns up in a surprise visit which throws everything into turmoil. How can they keep their secret now?

Elizabeth Kirke has a really nice writing style, the dialogue she uses between the main characters flows so well that they seem like old friends to the reader. We are re-introduced to all the characters, such as the lovely TS, Dani and Charlie. It settles down to them enjoying their time together but the pace picks up as the danger increases. We are drawn further into the magical world and the rules that surround it, drawing you in completely. Everything is wrapped up nicely by the end of this ready for the next one, though maybe a little too nicely but that’s just picky old me who likes a cliff hanger or two. As always this is a great read and I really enjoyed.