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Semester Aboard (More than Magic, #1)

Semester Aboard (More than Magic, #1) - Elizabeth Kirke Jen was about to spend her summer on board a cruise ship, studying and seeing the sites. What she does see, will change her life forever. She meets a strange group of people, who do and say things that cannot be possible. Here she is thrown into an unknown world, where the strange and unusual are common place and something on the ship lies in wait.

Elizabeth’s writing is relaxed and easy and you are quickly drawn into the story. I must admit at first I thought we were heading down the Twilight route, with a group of strangers and a girl who observed things others didn’t. I was pleasantly surprised then when we were shown a world of magic and love. As Jen is completely new to magic, she asks questions that we want answered ourselves yet at no point did it feel like the information was dumped into our laps. I liked the way she is unsure about everything and questions the necessity of certain things.

The fight scenes were well thought out, letting the reader clearly picture every detail. The relationships between the group works really well and they all have a distinctive personality. At times, the pace did slow a little too much and I felt a couple of the scenes could have been reduced. Saying that, I did like the intertwined lives of all the different types of magic, which included vampires and werewolves but also mermaids and elementals. I will look forward to reading the next in the series.