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Sveta (Neuri, #1)

Sveta (Neuri, #1) - Poppet Sveta, jumps straight into action as we read about a horrendous attack on a human and the description almost lets you hear the ribcage snap. There is a rogue vampire group wanting to frame the Neuri for the attacks but there is something deeper behind their reasons.
In amongst all this violence is the love between Sveta who is neuri and Zena a human.

As I am new to this author, it took me some time to get use to the style of writing. The book is written all in 1st person but rather than staying on one character, it constantly switches from one point of view to another by simply putting the person’s name at the top of the page. Rather than swapping all the time it might have been easier to write the whole thing in 3rd person.

This is an unusual story with a love theme interwoven in its layers. If you can get passed the writing style, it is well worth a read.