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Hellhound Awakened (Kasadya, #1)

Hellhound Awakened (Kasadya, #1) - Karen Swart There is a constant battle between good and evil and Kasadya, known as Kas is about to be thrown squarely in the middle. She knows she is fallen and must fight against evil to have a chance of redemption but of course it is never going to be that easy.

It isn’t just a straight good against evil story, and it soon shifts from her day to day training to fighting for her life and then changes again once she escapes. I like the switches in the book and the characters which are well developed. The men in the story do seem to fall for her quite easily and she does respond, though in her own words she admits her hormones are going crazy.

From the writing style I assume that it is written for the slightly younger market rather than YA. The style is easy and conversational and kept me interested from beginning to end. And talk about cliff hanger ...
This is a nice, enjoyable read and I am looking forward to the next one.