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Willow (Blood Vine, #1)

Willow (Blood Vine, #1) - Amy Richie Willow wants to fit in, like most teenagers, but she has a bigger problem than most. She’s a werewolf, and so is her sister Ivy and their ‘mother’, Bella. They are never allowed to stay in one place too long and friends are a dirty word.

Her life changes when she’s told that she’s about to become a leader of an unruly pack, that she never knew existed. We follow her through the transition between an awkward, insecure, teenager to a leader of a strong, young pack.

The dynamics between the pack are great, Amy Richie draws a nice picture and the struggle between the group feels real, together with the introduction of the older wolf, it’s a fresh take on the werewolf story. Here, there are no Alpha males, the one true leader is Willow and she is suddenly surrounded by a group of boys that will do absolutely anything for her.

This is well written, it draws you in and keeps you reading to the very end.