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Broken Prince (The Broken Ones) (Volume 2)

Broken Prince - Jen Wylie This is the second in the great series The Broken Ones. Arowyn and her ‘family’ continue on their journey to the elven homeland to save the elven prince, before he dies. On their way they will feel love, hate, pain and sorrow which will test their friendship and bring them ever closer. As they travel, thoughts are never far away from the prophecy but they are just words, and things can change.

What I liked immediately about this book is that we jump straight into the action. We follow them on their travels with their only thoughts of getting to the elven homeland before Prince fades away. It does not jump into weeks or months but follows them day to day moving slowly on, which I thought worked really well. These characters are all well developed, each one has something to add to the story. Whether it is the other human Bo, or the fey Kei, whose relationship with Aro is so closely bonded you can start to believe the prophecy, or Prince whose feelings are so hidden no one knows what he thinks. We also have a new addition to the family in the form of a Were.

The action never stops, they are once again faced with Damon together with new enemies that leave them in life threatening situations. How can you not feel for Aro as she sees her ‘boys’ in pain? The action scenes are really well written and I have to say graphic but that works for me. I read this in two sittings with the dust bunnies gathering in the corner and didn’t give them a second thought. I can’t wait to read the third.