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Armored Hearts: Fantasy Steampunk

Armored Hearts - Pauline Creeden, Melissa Turner Lee Tristan Gareth Smyth, known as Gareth is a young boy with a mighty big chip on his shoulder due to the fact that he has been without the use of his legs from birth. He therefore moves around in a wheelchair but has to put up a lot of help from others, which only makes him more annoyed at the world. His life changes when he rescues a girl falling from a tree. How you may ask, well he finds he can fly.

As he grows up with his secret he now has to deal with his grandfather’s struggling finances. For him it will mean a possible marriage to an American woman he doesn’t even know. Then things start to change, we are introduced to his possible wife to be, Jessamine, who is an extraordinary women. This is where we are introduced to the Steampunk aspect of this book together with fae.

This is the first Steampunk novel I have read and I was a little surprised by its contents. I understood that it revolved around Victorian England but it took me a while to pin down the era, it sounded early 18 century to me and it was only when there was mention of Emily Pankhurst that I realised the timescale. The speech of the servants took a lot of getting use to, so many ‘yer’ and ‘ne’ and it slowed done the pace for me. It was an unusual mix of historical writing and fae, which did work well.

The characters were all well defined and it was great to see them develop through the book. Though I was surprised that Gareth never asked why he could fly, he just accepted it, as a child maybe, but surely curiosity would have won in the end.

Overall I enjoyed my first dip into Steampunk, it was an unusual read and it flowed well, moving the story along and leaving it open for another book.