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Clockwork Princess (Infernal Devices)

Clockwork Princess - Cassandra Clare The last in the trilogy for TID and I have to say the books so far have been a bit of a battle to read. At first I couldn’t help but compare the characters to TMI and I felt no real connection to these people.

The story in Clockwork Princess is simply about Mortmain needing Tessa and his ease at which he snatched her and the fight to get her back. It was very heavily character based and the more I read, the more I looked to the secondary characters which were much more interesting than the main three. As it went on, I really felt for Charlotte and Magnus, knowing why and how things unfolded as we headed for TMI timeline. I also wanted to know more about Bridget, there was something special, a spark about her and I would have liked to have found out what that was. The last quarter of the book started to reveal things that made me say ‘of course, that’s how Jace got his birthmark or Brother Zachariah is a little unusual for a silent brother’ and that’s what interested me.

If Cassandra Clare wanted to reveal how things evolved to get everyone at the point of TMI, then I would have been more than happy for the three TID’s to be turned into a novella. It never really grabbed me until near the end. The relationship between Jem and Will was great, to see how much they cared for each other and what they sacrificed was wonderful to read, when they said goodbye I have to admit a tear or two escaped as well as in the epilogue, as the violin was played. I never felt that raw emotion from Tessa at any point, but winding everything up was a nice touch. Again not sure how Tessa will cope with outliving another love of her life, existence, but that’s just me. I loved the first three TMI but not such a fan of TID, but as always the style of writing is great, I can’t argue with that. Maybe I expect too much of her.