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The Brown House: The Visitors Series (Volume 1)

The Brown House - Christy Sloat Brylee Branson is up rooted from California to New Jersey with her family. This is not where she wants to be and as soon as she moves around the old house, a chill seeps from the pages. The only saving grace is her new friends Lynley and Ephraim. All too quickly she is told about the history of the house and what lies in wait for her.

The difference for Brylee is not only can she hear and feel strange things in the house but because she’s special she can see and talk to the dead. Those voices are telling her of deep, dark secrets and she turns to her new friends to try and unravel the mystery.

Christy sets a nice scene and slowly builds up the suspense as she divulges the secrets of the house. The characters are well defined, especially Kayla, who is a great individual, though I did guess quite early about her secret. Some of the ghostly scenes are written with a wonderful flare that pulls you in and a nice ending when all is revealed, leaving you needing to know how they are all going to survive. At times I wanted a few more scares but that’s just me and my messed up mind. This is well worth a read.