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Golden - Monika Pardon Sonora has had a lot to deal with in her life, watching her parents die and recently her grandmother. Now she lives with her wicked Aunt who is less than happy that she has to deal with her. The only thing keeping her sane, are her friends and Luke who is her Aunt’s reluctant boyfriend.

One day trying to find shelter from torrential rain, she and her cousin find themselves in a small cabin. Suddenly they are attacked by bears, they both survive but it wakens something inside Sonora that leads her down a path of family secrets and deadly vengeance.

With everything Sonora has been through it’s nice to see her as a strong character, ready to fight anything that is thrown her way but still we get to see her softer side as the story continues. Luke’s character is also interesting as we watch his conflicted feelings over what he wants to do and what others demand from him. They work well together, both being tough, strong characters. As we follow them and she starts to discover about her blood line and the search for the codex, I must admit it reminded me of the holy grail and the theory of Jesus having family but it didn’t distract me from the book.
The story builds up well, we get a sense of something not right and it slowly opens up into Shadow Realms and fae. This is a well paced piece of writing and a good start to the series. Monika builds up the suspense well and pulls the plot together nicely.

I received a copy from the author for an honest review.