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S.P.I.R.I.T: Fire Storm

Fire Storm - Dawn Gray When Samantha Rickets suddenly finds herself in the middle of an unknown town, when she was in bed a few moments ago, she ends up in the arms of Zander. He is a military man under a special task force dealing with the paranormal. Chasing ghosts and demons, Sam is soon dragged into the fight.

You quickly realise that there is a special bond between them and they tap into their own powers and uncover a mystery that has been pulling them towards each other for years.

Dawn Gray has a lovely style of writing; it is fast paced and never slows down. You are thrown straight into the story and it slowly unfolds before you in lovely descriptive tones. The adult content is well written without being crude and I really enjoyed the read. The main characters are well developed and I wanted to know how it would end for them.

There are questions that I feel were never answered, such as the identical town, had they been drawn into a parallel universe, were there now two sets of parents but it did not distract me enough not to want to know what happens next.