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Captivated (An Affliction Novel #1)

Captivated - Deb Apodaca Mindy starts a new school year with her friend Markus by her side. She is like any other teenager though her thoughts often float towards her childhood friend, Dean. He hasn’t spoken to her in years, not since his parents were killed. She can’t understand how or why he has pushed her out of his life.
A new student starts school and Mindy finds herself drawn to him. There is something different about the boy, almost hypnotic. Dean hates this sudden interest and tries to keep them apart but Mindy has no idea why. Then Markus sees something totally unbelievable, impossible. He swears he sees Dean kill another man but the body turns to ashes and now he’s on a mission to find out what is going on.

With trouble brewing Dean and Mindy slowly grow closer together but all it does is put her in harm’s way. Now she is drawn into a dangerous game that could get everyone she cares about killed.
The writing was okay and the dialogue seemed genuine enough but the short sentences did nothing to enhance the flow or add to the tension. What first stopped me really caring for the Mindy was the attack with Ayden. Her reaction was unbelievable enough but the reaction of Markus was just wrong.
All the way through this all I could do was compare it to the Twilight series and unless it is a damn good book that is not a good thing. I couldn’t get Jacob out of my mind when reading about Dean, though there was some cross over with Edward. The bare chest, the motorcycle and tattoo. They even felt a jolt of electricity when they touch and had a special place where they met and could be themselves. Sound familiar? And as in Breaking Dawn the POV changed with the change of chapters from Mindy to Dean and back again. In the end when the cliff hanger came I have to say I just didn’t care.

I don’t like to write reviews like this and as a debut novel, I have read worse but felt that it didn’t have enough to recommend it. Sorry and as always its only my opinion.