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Malevolent Gateway; A S.P.I.R.I.T. Series Novel

Malevolent Gateway - Dawn Gray Burke Flats is situated in the picturesque state of Vermont, but the town itself is anything but pretty with terrible secrets lying just below the surface. Will Stiles and his men from S.P.I.R.I.T arrive in town to look into the marshlands where something supernatural has been plaguing the area for hundreds of years and they intend to get to the heart of it.

There are a growing number of deaths around the marshes; the locals Anna and Blake are doing their own investigation and soon they join forces to finally lay the matter to rest.

This book jumps straight into the action and then never lets go. We are first shown what the marsh can do and gives us a hint of what is out there and then we are introduced to Anna, a local woman who can communicate with the dead. The military team S.P.I.R.I.T is a paranormal group of soldiers who turn up to help. It soon develops into more than that for Will and Anna and the scenes do get a little raunchy and did catch me be surprise, up until then I assumed it was young adult. I also really liked the inclusion of Zander from the previous book. Just one call home told us where he was in his life and what had happened to Sam, it was a nice touch.

Dawn Gray knows how to build up the tension, draws the reader in completely when it comes to wanting or rather needing to know what lurks under the marsh. She slowly paints a very disturbing picture of what the founding fathers did to increase the wealth of the town. It is written at a great pace and has a nice flow that is well worth the read.